30 Quirky Quickies





Actually there are many more than that because I keep thinking of more!



Time on a Line – the history of life on Earth

The Missing Link – the development of human beings

The Land Before Time – living in the Stone Age

Pictures of the Past – the art of prehistoric peoples

Frozen in Time – creatures of the Ice Age

Fire – friend or foe

Tools of the Trade – the magic of metal

Grave Concerns – how do we dispose of our dead?

God-kings – the pharaohs of Egypt

The Sun – heavenly body or heavenly being?

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

The Phoenicians – the first boat people

Homer’s Heroes – who was Odysseus

Zeus & Co – the gods of Greece

Victims of Vesuvius – the fate of Pompeii and other stuff about volcanoes

Mystery of the Orient – the history of China

Atlantis – fact or fiction

Triskaidekaphobia and other superstitions


Dare to Dream

Mysteries of the Deep – shipwrecks

Treasure – what would you take to a desert island?

Night Owls

Night Owls


Our Place in Space

Food for Thought

The Shapes of Things

Extreme Sports

Chocoholics Anonymous

Skeletons in the Closet

Words, Words, Words

Making Music

Numbers Up

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Spring into Spring – celebrating spring
Dance like no one’s watching – dance around the world
Flags of the World
Chinese New Year
Not a Drop to Drink – the world’s water
Habits and Habitats – Australia’s special creatures
Party Animals – the world’s strangest creatures
Life in a Hollow Log – what lives there
Backyard Beauties – what lives in your back yard
Landscapes and Landshapes – the planet’s geography
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – looking after our planet
Medical Marvels – breakthroughs that changed the world
Written in the stars – astrology and other belief systems
Noah’s Ark – zoos then and now, and their inhabitants
Gone but not forgotten – endangered and extinct creatures
Rainbows End – colour and light
Creatures of the Deep – what is below the surface?
Yoyos, Pogo Sticks and Knucklebones – children’s games through the ages
Toy Story – children’s toys through the ages
Money, Money, Money – world currencies, budgeting, marketing


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