Sample Mission Statement

mission statement

The mission statement developed for a school in which I was the teacher librarian…

The staff of the Catherine Palmer Resource Centre

understand and undertake the responsibilities identified in the

International Federation of Library Associations /

 UNESCO School Library Manifesto

and the

Australian School Library Association’s Bill of Rights

so that our staff can deliver all that is required to enable our students

to become competent and confident readers

and independent, efficient and effective creators and users of ideas and information


We are dedicated to providing and promoting

intellectual and physical access for all

to an extensive range of print and electronic resources,

tools and technologies which will

· meet the educational needs of all members

of our staff and student body;

· enhance and enrich our educational philosophy and curriculum;

· stimulate interest and independence in literacy

· encourage our staff and students to create and manipulate

ideas and information efficiently and effectively

so that they may become independent lifelong learners

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